Hotel Environmental Initiatives Matter

Why should I care about corporate environmental sustainability initiatives?

A lot of businesses out there have internal environmental sustainability programs.  There are a few out there that have great practices that are internationally recognized.  Office Depot is one of those businesses that is constantly trying to attain greater stature within this set of “green” businesses.  They have multiple personnel that are strictly devoted to identifying and altering systems along the supply chain in order to reduce their environmental impact.  Why would a giant international corporation devote these kinds of resources to this initiative? And why, more specifically, do hotel environmental initiatives matter?

There are many reasons why a business should devote their resources to environmentally sustainable initiatives.  It’s good for your staff to know that you care about the Earth and the consequences of your business activities.  It is great for the public relations aspect.  It is even better for your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at how it impacts your team.  Those that make up your team are varied and diverse.  Each one of them has their own, personal social cause that they choose to advocate for, and believe in, as being the best.  The members of your team want to see the business that they work for doing something besides caring for itself and helping its own bottom line with its activities.  They want to know they are working for a business that cares about environmental and social causes.  For instance, one of the hotels in the Kingsbridge portfolio works with a local shelter in their city to provide various items.  These items range from used furniture, discarded amenities, linens and many other goods that are still in great condition.  Not only is this program a serious corporate social activity, but it also is a great way to practice environmental sustainability.  It is a true win/win for both the hotel and the shelter.  If your team can feel good about working for your business, it increases the chances of retention.  This impacts your bottom line.

The impact of positive public relations are quite important based on a few factors.  Once you have gone through and implemented the recommendations that were suggested by whichever consulting firm you engaged with, it’s time to do the other side of the heavy lifting.  The promotional aspect of your work.  Who cares about the changes you made to your operation?  Well, this is a very easy question to answer.  Your customers and clients.  Your third party vendors in your supply chain.  Your community, both locally, industry specific and globally.

Why do these groups care and how can you capitalize on this attention?  Press releases.  Awards.  Reciprocal recognition from your vendors.  Greater customer loyalty.  All of these nontraditional marketing opportunities are of a high value to your organization.  When an internal team member sees a new award, it will create more pride in that persons work.  The press release about the dual positive stories of a changes made and awards won attract media attention.   Your vendors will be excited to work with a new company and will want to tell everyone about their new client.  You’ll also be in the same position to tell everyone about your new suppliers that are aligned with your business goals.  The customers will take these initiatives into account when booking with you.  It could make the difference in a crowded marketplace.

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