Defining Hotel Leadership

LinkedIn, and other similar sites, are all filled with definitions of what makes a good or bad leader or manager in a workplace.  The quick, easy quotes about how a leader will lead and others will follow or how managers have to micromanage while leaders hire good people and let them work.  It’s all very subjective.  There are nuggets of truth within some of those statements but nothing that is substantial in ways that are actionable.  There are also people that are fit to lead and others that are not fit to lead.  It takes charisma and intelligence in order to lead.  It takes vision. Here, we set about defining hotel leadership to assist you in the effective running of your business.

There is a significant difference between managers and leaders.  Managers are there to serve a function and to take direction.  They are a replaceable part in the supply chain of work within your accommodation.  They serve a specific purpose and can do a certain role.  You have the opportunity to determine whether or not they have the qualities that you need and can establish their value to your accommodation.  Managers have their value.  Manager can turn into leaders under the right circumstances.

Leaders are the ones that will focus your organization and point it in a focused direction.  Leaders are the ones that can innovate and set a direction of thinking about new solutions to whatever problem is facing your business.  They inspire confidence and gain trust.  They hire key players for the accommodation that are experienced, intelligent and driven.  These ancillary leaders also serve a valuable purpose.  To support the leader and to provide new ideas that will help the business grow in many different, positive directions.  The leadership team drives the business.

There are millions of articles and definitions of leadership available to sort through and choose form in order to create your perfect definition.  You could hire an incredible leader, but what if they do not mesh with the team?  This new leader could create difficulties for you and the team if they are not the right fit for your organization.  Your accommodation is an incredibly important asset that will only work with the right leaders in place.

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