How To Hire The Right Hotel Staff

Why it’s not easy to hire the right people.

Looking to hire hotel staff? We’ve all been there before. Your business needs to hire key personnel to fill full time roles or seasonal roles. You write a beautiful job description which outlines the duties of the role and the great benefits package you want to provide to that potential team member. You post an ad in whichever way you think works best for you. The ad is posted and….nothing. Few resumes trickle through your inbox. The resumes you receive are not quite what you are looking for in that particular role.

As you sit and ponder the lack of interest, you start to second guess yourself and the process. Are you creative enough to translate that person’s resume language and roles into something that would fit what you are looking for? Should you be the one making that decision? Did you use the type of language in the job description that will attract the type of team member you are looking to add? Is the compensation enough to attract a great person for this role? Did you post the job on the right job boards? Is your online application screening process an issue? Are there rumors and scuttlebutt about the people on your team or potentially you? Do you have a reputation that is scaring off potential applicants?

In regards to the hiring marketplace, how well do you know the area in which you are operating your hotel? Is there a labor shortage? If so, why? High cost of living for the potential employee? No housing? Governmental issues for hiring foreign workers? Are there not enough workers with the right experience and education in your area? You have jobs to fill and they have to be filled soon. What do you do?

Every business has their HR department, or an individual that acts as the HR department, that makes these critical decisions. Do these critical decision makers know enough about the skill set and the hiring marketplace in which they work and what they are likely to find within that marketplace?

There is a distinct set of costs to all of these decisions. It is the internal labor it takes to develop your human resources plan based on your applicant pool. The labor to write the plan. The labor to write the job description. The labor to institute the compensation package. The labor to post the job. The labor to screen resumes. The labor to set up interviews and eventually to choose the right candidate. The cost to onboard the new team member. The costs go on and on throughout this process.

There are so many moving parts to hiring the right people. I’ve outlined a few in the paragraphs above which will help garner an understanding of some of the questions that are asked during the hiring process. The hiring process is simply not about posting a job and hiring a new team member. It is a process that is often overlooked and improperly evaluated. This process deserves a well thought out level of detail and execution.

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