3 Things Managers Need To Know To Resolve Employee Workplace Issues

Do you have workplace issues with your employees?

In a non-union or union environment, if you work with people, likely your answer is yes. Employee IssuesIssues of failure to follow standards or policies, absenteeism, poor attitude, and harassment are just a few of the many workplace challenges that every supervisor and manager encounter. Typically, managers have been promoted from within and worked their way up and have had very little formal training on how to legally and effectively handle workplace issues, leaving them feeling powerless to make any changes. Without proactive management, who are willing to have tough conversations or deal with challenging situations-poor sub-cultures form followed by negative work environments. This creates a toxic workplace culture, which impacts your ability to retain and recruit talent impacting your bottom line.

You have likely worked in an organization that had issues that impacted morale, impeded performance and stifled creativity. You likely saw good employees leave while poor ones stayed, perpetuating the toxic environment. We often wonder why these situations even begin, and are allowed to continue, and simply why the organization doesn’t do something about it.

The answer is—organizations aren’t equipped to deal with these types of issues, managers aren’t trained and without any guidance, they ignore these situations as well as these poor employees.

When you know your employer’s rights, responsibilities, and obligations you can act and start to reduce the conflict that occurs in the workplace. You can create a great workplace culture that retains your talent and attracts talent to you.

Your good employees are waiting for you to act, and if you don’t they will leave your organization. Managers need to be able to handle these types of issues and feel confident that they are doing the right things. The first step to gaining control is committing to getting the information you need to help you manage.

What are the top 3 things you need to know to improve workplace issues:

  1. Importance of Performance standards:

“If you can’t measure it, you cannot control it-if you cannot control it you can’t improve it” James Harrington

  • Are reasonable standards set?
  • Have you communicated specific performance levels to all employees?
  • Has the employee been given an opportunity to improve?
  • Has the employee been informed of consequences if there is no improvement?
  1. Importance of Workplace Rules:

Are they:

  • Clear
  • Communicated
  • Understood
  • Reasonable
  • Consistent
  • Enforced
  1. Discipline Principles: 

  • Deter
  • Correct
  • Consequence

Looking for more ways how you can have a positive impact on your hospitality workplace? Ask us how we can help you through these issues and help improve your recruiting and establishing a positive workplace culture.

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