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We are a full service hotel management company and our passion runs deep. The care our Kingsbridge Management Team has for our guests and owners is what makes us, well… different.
It is that difference that you will experience with Kingsbridge. Our deep level of commitment to our partners, through the driven, dedicated team of professionals, will put your asset in the best position to succeed.

“Redefining the luxury hotel experience.”

  • Jonathan Heereema
    Jonathan Heereema Business Development and Marketing

    Our award winning team member is a business development expert with a strong background in all aspects of the tourism industry.

    Over many years, Jonathan has held a number of management positions within the tourism industry which allows him to bring creative and inventive solutions to any aspect of business. He has an in depth knowledge of hotels and how to successfully execute revenue generating opportunities through bottom and top line solutions.

    Jonathan approaches any situation with an eye on strategy and long term results. From a strategic, integrated sales and marketing to guest relations, he has in depth experience that will yield well thought out solutions across the business operation. He has won multiple awards for marketing as well as for his sustainability initiatives.

    • Suzanne Gatrell
      Suzanne Gatrell President and Owner

      Taking on the management of The Oswego hotel during the 2008 recession was an opportunity she could not resist. Her skillset opened up an opportunity to turn around a struggling hotel and make it profitable. This is what the best hotel management company strives to do; take on a challenge and make it an unbridled success. However, this can only be done with the right leader.

      Suzanne’s high end, extensive international hospitality experience is what drives her to find the best practices for all aspects of operating a boutique and luxury hotels. Her three decades in this industry have allowed her to create a hotel management company that is focused on the guest experience, running an extremely profitable business and achieving unprecedented results. Her success is built on growing your business beyond expectations.

      • Jessie Hsu
        Jessie Hsu Manager, Guest Experience

        With high attention to guest satisfaction, Jessie is truly about delivery the best possible guest experience. She has trained throughout every department of a hotel, across the globe, in order to fine tune every facet across the guest relations spectrum. As any true professional in the hotel management industry, she has risen through every department in a hotel to be a leader.

        Jessie has been laser focused on improving every role in every department she has thrived in over the years. This international training, and degrees in hotel and restaurant management, has allowed her to create the best practices in each department within her scope. As the guest is always the center of her work, she has created innovative procedures in all departments that impact the on-site guest experience. She delivers the best of our core values directly to our guests.

        • Daintry Van Cleave
          Daintry Van Cleave Human Resources Leader

          Every facet of a successful business is impacted by your human resources department. Our savvy talent and culture leader, Daintry, is redefining leadership in our industry. In the ever changing landscape of hospitality, she has driven the organization through securing the best talent and creating an environment that is focused on retention. We want the best personnel executing the best work across the business in order to ensure the success of your business.

          Daintry’s many human resources related certifications and education allow her to see all sides of the workplace in order to create better practices and policies that protect the personnel and the business. Her many years of both large corporate experience and small business experience helped her craft the best strategic workplace plans in the hospitality industry.

          • Brock Windsor
            Brock Windsor Corporate Chef

            Corporate Chef Brock Windsor brings decades of award winning culinary expertise to the team at Kingsbridge Management. Chef Windsor, an honours graduate of The Stratford Chef School, and has opened and operated many kitchens across Canada. Highlights of his culinary exploits include opening The Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa as well as James Island and his own venture, Stone Soup Inn in the Cowichan valley. He has led some of the top kitchens in the country including Sooke Harbour House and the Bearfoot Bistro, while being an active member of the Island Chef Collaborative.

            Chef Windsor has a focused approach to building a restaurant concept and team. The focus is on finding the right menu for the right market. Not only will the menu focus on finding and sourcing local, sustainable food products, but he will also find the perfect beverage pairings for all of his meals. He is an expert in identifying and sourcing foraged foods from the forest as well as using items from nearby farms. He chooses to provide guests with a true farm to table experience that will leave them completely satisfied.

            The care we have for our guests and owners is what makes us, well… different.


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