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Meetings are a very important aspect of conducting business and as driven professionals, we understand the need to execute this aspect perfectly. We know how to run your meeting from concept to idealization through post meeting follow up.
At Kingsbridge, we are excited to provide high end professional meetings and events services. Professional implementation of necessary and auxiliary meeting services is our specialty. We handle everything from the complexities of audio/visual to food and beverage to room setup. Let our established team of meeting planners help you find the perfect option.
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Kingsbridge managed hotels are going to provide an incredible meeting experience. Whether it is for an executive retreat, wedding, reception, board meeting or any other type of gathering, we will provide you with an exemplary experience.
We compost in our kitchens, recycle, and use Eco Friendly cleaning products. Our signature infused water is provided for meetings rather than bottled water. Certified fair trade organic coffee and teas are used exclusively for our meetings. Cloth napkins or 100% recycled paper napkins used for all meetings and events.
By supporting local producers, who share our respect for the environment, we ensure optimum growing methods and conditions, frequent delivery, and peak freshness. You will feel great about hosting your event at a Kingsbridge managed property.

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