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Hotel talent recruitment is not always plain sailing. We know how difficult it can be to attract top talent in our industry. However, we consistently attract top talent through innovative, inventive recruitment methods that your competition may not be utilizing. Kingsbridge wants the right person for the right role. Talent is an investment in any business and we want that investment to thrive. We’ll provide continual training and learning opportunities for our talent as well as opportunities to engage with our culture and our local community. Support is ongoing throughout our management at the property.

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attracting top talent


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Our culture of a results driven team are what separate us, both at the hotel and corporate levels, from the standard accommodation. The workplace is an ever changing demographic and we embrace the opportunity to grow all of our team to be contributors across the work space.
The technical aspects of our talent and culture development are incredibly efficient. From job postings, benefits and payroll to the exit interview, we have procedures in place at every point of our talents employment lifespan. We create standard operating procedures and job descriptions. Additionally, we can handle complex labor negotiations and worker’s compensation issues, which makes us the best at handling all phases of talent relations.

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